It’s a good question and one that I am asked a lot. People are often nervous and slightly apprehensive about starting a new class. The first thing to say is that the class is very friendly, everyone there was also new at one point in time, and the students (and instructors) are always welcoming and helpful.

Everyone mixes in together, so one week you might be with a senior student or myself, other weeks you might be teamed up with other new people supervised by a senior member of the class. The advantage of this is that you gain from more experienced people’s knowledge and also in turn they have the chance to explain and teach what they have learnt. Sometimes the best way to see what people have learnt is to see how they explain it to others.

For your first lesson, if you are worried about joining in, you are welcome to sit at the side and spectate, wander around and ask people questions or just jump straight in, it is completely up to you. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and open approach to lessons where people can air their questions and the whole class can learn and benefit from them.




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