Luke Pritchett

As a new starter it’s always a daunting experience. However, I have been more than welcomed into this class.
Trained for a few weeks now and learnt so much in my time. Even other members have spent their sessions without issue or remorse to bring me up to speed.
The sifu is highly talented with a great training style.

All lessons are varied with real life applications. He caters for each ability every step of the way while pushing you, but not exceeding your level.
I feel more confident with each lesson and feel I am progressing swiftly.
I am grading in a few weeks and can’t wait to achieve Red One.
I want to do better because the people want me to do better.
It’s more than I hoped for. Everyone should come to this class.

Alex McCabe

I first started wing chun in July 2007, on the recommendation of a good friend who had been training for around a year at the time. I had previously trained in Karate and Ninjutsu and was looking for something new to do having recently moved back to the Bournemouth area. The class is very relaxed and the friendliness of all the students was great from the outset, making me feel really settled.

The class has a good mix of people, ages, grades and experience, meaning that everyone can contribute and experiment with different techniques. The structure of the lessons means that you will spend some time working on the traditional wing chun and the syllabus, whilst also being able to practice the practical applications of techniques and explore what works well for you. As with any class, the more you are prepared to put into it and the more questions you want to ask, the more you will get out of it. Everyone is more than happy to discuss the merits and drawbacks of different techniques and how best you could apply them.

Overall a very enjoyable class with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Jenny Li

I have been learning wing chun for about 2 years. I really enjoy it and it’s grown to be a big part of my life now. Paul’s class is a friendly fun atmosphere and we all encourage and help each other along. It is a good physical and mental exercise, and great for improving confidence. I think I will be practicing wing chun for many many years 😉

Natasha Fowler

When I first went to Paul’s Wing Chun class I was quite nervous, as I turned up by myself, however everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I was
put straight at ease.

I have been going for over a year now and I thoroughly enjoy every class as there is always something new and interesting to learn. Also, there are social events organised throughout the year which are great fun.

If you are looking to start Wing Chun, I would fully recommend Paul’s class.

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