Contact Wing Chun Bournemouth

To contact Sifu Paul Burdett

Please call: 07921 140 626



Mackenzies Gym, Unit 7c Francis Avenue, BH11 8NX

When you arrive at the Industrial Estate – just go all the way down to the bottom and turn left and park up 🙂
Sunday – main gym
Monday – in the back hall


  1. Niall Hoodless says:

    Hello, I am interested in joining your class and training in Wing Chun, would it be possible for me to join this evenings training?

    Kind Regards,


    • Paul says:

      Hi Niall, sorry I didn’t see your email but as you are at class I guess you know the answer. Hope you’re enjoying the class! 🙂



  2. Biz Khan says:

    Hi, me and two of my friends would like to try out one of your free introduction classes. would it be ok for us to swing by for the sunday session?

  3. Stephen allen says:

    I’m really interested in getting back into a self defense martial abs was wondering what days you do these classes

    • Paul says:

      Hi Stephen, thanks for your email. The classes are on Sunday and Monday night. Sunday is 6:30 – 8:30 and Monday is 7:30 – 9:30. Please feel free just to turn up and join in.



  4. steve jones says:

    hi looking to join your class.can i join anytime and on any days u mention?
    kind regards.steve

  5. Steven says:

    Hi There,
    Had some private lessons with a friend over the last couple months and really love wing chun. Was thinking I would come along this Sunday to see what it’s like?

  6. Wayne says:

    Hi Paul am Intrested in coming down an giving the class ago is it ok to pop down on Sunday for a taster.?
    Regards wayne

  7. Jason says:

    Hi there was wondering what age can you start wing chun as want my little girl to learn and I’d like to do it myself self many thanks Jason

  8. Luke Pritchett says:

    As a new starter it’s always a daunting experience. However, I have been more than welcomed into this class.
    Trained for a few weeks now and learnt so much in my time. Even other members have spent their sessions without issue or remorse to bring me up to speed.
    The sifu is highly talented with a great training style. All lessons are varied with real life applications. He caters for each ability every step of the way while pushing you, but not exceeding your level.
    I feel more confident with each lesson and feel I am progressing swiftly.
    I am grading in a few weeks and can’t wait to achieve Red One.
    I want to do better because the people want me to do better.
    It’s more than I hoped for. Everyone should come to this class.

  9. Sam says:

    Hello Paul, I was wondering what is the the minimum age to join?

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