Basic Knife Defence 3 (Back Fist)
Basic Stick Defence 1 (Over Head Strike)
Complete Sil Nim Tao amp; Chum Kiu Syllabus
Fighting Form Part

Brown I

3 on 1 defence showing power, positioning amp; control
Bart Cham Do (basic) Parts 1 – 2
Bil Tze – Part 1
Chi Sau applied to Fighting Situation
Counter Front Kick with Heung Ma, Wu Sau amp; Low Palm
Counter Front punches with Biu Sau (2)
Counter Gum Sau with Biu, Lap, Pak amp; Gwoy Jarn
Counter Jabs with Sil Sau to Kau Sau amp; Follow
Counter Jum Sau with Cup Jarn amp; Strike
Counter Pinned Bong Sau with Biu, Lap amp; High Palm, Hair Pull amp; Chair Pie
Pole Form Part 1
Wood Breaking with Feet
Wood Breaking, 1″ board suspended by sash
Wood Breaking, 6 spaced boards with Chop

Brown II

Bart Cham Do (basic) Parts 3 – 4
Basic Stick Defence 2 (Outer Gate Strike)
Bil Tze – Part 2
Counter Punch with Jum Sau, if pushed out counter with Heung Sau amp; Follow
Counter Rear Spinning Kick with Kwan Sau amp; Follow
Counter Reverse Punch with D-Gang Sau, C-Line Punch with Turn amp; Jum Sau
Counter Roundhouse with D-Gang Sau amp; Follow
Enter Man Sau, Lap Sau amp; Follow
Fighting Form Part 8
Pole Form Part 2

Brown III

Bart Cham Do (basic) Parts 5 – 6
Bil Tze – Part 3
Chum Kiu on Raised Beam
Counter Jab with inside/outside Mun Sau (vertical)
Counter Pin against wall with Biu Sau amp; Follow
Counter Punch with D-Lap Sau amp; Hook
Counter Shove against wall with Biu Sau amp; Follow
Counter advancing punches with Triangle Stepping, Biu Sau, Lap amp; Punch
Demonstrate 5 Chi Sau Techniques as Self Defence Applications
Double Lap Sau, Throat Strike amp; Hueng Ma
Enter Cross Leg Trap, D-Gum Sau and Take Down
Pole Form Part 3

Brown IV

Bart Cham Do (basic) Parts 7 – 8
Basic Stick Defence 3 (Back Fist Strike)
Biu Tze Parts 1 – 3
Chum Kiu with explanations
Counter Punch with Double Lap Sau, Throat strike, Arm Bar amp; Front Kick.
Counter Punch with Pressure Point Take Down (Throat)
Demonstrate 3 techniques from each form as Self Defence Techniques
Demonstrate 5 Chi Sau Techniques as Self Defence Techniques
Fighting Form Part 9
Pole Form Part 4
Sil Nim Tao with energy

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