Wing Chun originated around 3 to 5 hundred years ago and was passed from a nun named Ng mui (who had fled after her monastery was burnt down) onto a lady named Yim Wing Chun. Wing chun was then passed down through the ages until the legendary Yip Man brought the art to Hong Kong in 1918 and started to teach the art. Its was Bruce Lee (studied under Yip Man) who first opened the western worlds eyes to the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu, and although he had not completed the syllabus his skills caused people to sit up and take notice on this wonderfully practical art.

Wing Chun Bournemouth has been running for over seven years as part of The Lun Kuen Academy of Wing Chun. We follow an identical Syllabus and are in regular contact with Lun Kuen Senior Instructor. This strict approach ensures that our students are taught to the same high standards expected from The Lun Kuen Academy of Wing Chun.

Sifu Paul Burdett has been training in Lun Kuen Wing Chun for over 16 years. He first started at the age of 14 and immediately loved the practical techniques and flow of the art.

Lun Kuen Wing Chun is unique due the 14 fighting forms which have been introduced to the system, these fighting forms were put into place to help encourage students to use wing chun techniques in modern, practical street fight situations.

The core of the system is still the traditional forms of Sil Nim Tao (Little idea) ,Chum Kui (Bridging the Gap), Bil Tze (Thrusting fingers/desperation form), Bart Cham Do (Butterfly knives) and Muk Yan Chong (Wooden dummy form). We also include certain techniques from other styles which complement the Wing Chun System.

Wing Chun Bournemouth is a friendly, fun and safe place to train with the emphasis on helping each individual attain a high standard of Wing Chun Kung Fu.


  1. adam rowdon says:

    Please can you tell me if 40 year old beginners are welcome on the Monday sessions? Also do you do childrens courses, or if not, what would you reccomend for my 7 year old daughter??

  2. Ali says:

    My son aged thirteen would like to do these classes. Do you cater for this age please?

  3. Paul Johnson says:

    Hi Paul,
    I have been thinking about learning Kung Fu,I’m 60 now and thinking maybe I’m too old. I train at the gym but need a new direction in life, I also like the philosophy behind this form of martial arts.
    Might come along this Monday to have a look ?
    All the best,
    Paul Johnson.

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